What is the Collective?

The Collective is made up of every teacher on faculty and every student participating in our pre-professional and competitive company. With some guidance from our experienced faculty, every member of the Collective gets a say in the direction of the company. We believe that education is most effective when it's cooperative. We believe that dance education should be accessible to everyone. Because of this, we work in partnership with CC Ballroom by the Bay to provide scholarship opportunities for all dancers wanting to compete and perform with our company. If you would like to support this project and our goals of making competitive dance accessible and affordable, you should consider making a donation.

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What is company?

Please visit our company page for a detailed explanation!

Does CCDC have recitals?

We do not have a recital in the traditional sense of the word. In our never-ending quest to be innovative and keep up with the direction of the dance world, we host our Annual CCDC Showcase at the Alamo Drafthouse in collaboration with Primera Luz Media. Each piece will shoot a professional dance video. We will screen the videos at a red carpet premiere at the Drafthouse with a larger community encore screening to follow at a different location TBA. We are so excited to give our dancers experience with video work and to give parents and loved ones the opportunity to see their dancers on the big screen! 

We premiered our first annual CCDC Showcase to a sold out audience at the Alamo Drafthouse and have had amazing feedback on all of our showcases since. You can check out some of the stills and the teaser below. Showcase DVDs (which include additional special features such as interviews, special commentary, and bloopers) can be purchased by e-mailing primeraluzmedia@gmail.com