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About our fundraiser

Corpus Christi Dance Collective is a community based dance project. Our mission is to provide high quality and innovative dance education and opportunities at an accessible rate. We were the first and only program in the region offering a sliding scale tuition system enabling parents/students to choose their own tuition rate. We also work in partnership with CC Ballroom by the Bay to scholarship low income dancers. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have stayed true to that ethos, ensuring our students' dance education would not be disrupted due to the hardships many have faced throughout the course of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, we have not been exempt from the impact of COVID-19. Currently, more and more dancers are needing assistance to participate in the program. With our annual showcase approaching, the program and dancers are faced with video, choreography, prop, costume, and rental fees. We would like to  keep fees associated with our showcase low.

Because of this, we are relying on the community we love to ensure the success and accessibility of our program. We have asked for so much from children the past two years. We cannot and will not ask students to pay for a pandemic or circumstances they did not create.


No donation is too big or too small.

Every contribution helps!

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